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Georgina Gardens Hotel Spa

Discover a spa experience where every sense is indulged and every minute is focused on you and your needs. At Georgina Gardens Spa, Kampala, we hold a true passion for wellness, placing your physical, emotional and metal well being at the center of everything we do.
We offer a variety of solutions to help you feel better and live better. Georgina Spa is friendly, tranquil spa proud to provide services for men and Women that will relax the body, quiet the mind and awaken the spirit.
Your journey to Georgina Spa begins with a warm smile and fresh cup of tea to help you relax and unwind. Our staff of trained professionals will tailor our services to your needs to create an experience that is truly unique to you. At Georgina Spa, our focus is you, our goal is to help you feel better so you can live better.

our services

swedish massages

Swedish massage

A common massage therapy, great for beginners and those who have had many massages. It is beneficial for increasing the oxygen level, decreasing muscle toxins and bringing flexibility while easing tension.

Body Scrub

Georgina Gardens Spa, expert practitioners apply our body scrubs, which usually take place on a bed, and don’t use steam – you’ll just need to take a relaxing shower for our products to work their magic.

Mixed oil massage

Mixed oil massage

Makes all the differences and helps individuals feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and energetic. It can relieve the effects of stress and anxiety on the body, treat pain, swelling, and soreness in muscles, and improve overall mood.


This is best for customers looking to re-balance their mind along with their body. Using the Aromatherapy essential oils, treats the specific needs of your skin.

Deep tissue

Works the deeper layers of the muscles to help with body aches and soreness, relieving areas of pain and tension.

Tissue massage


Full body massage with the high-quality oils to help you reduce tension, stress and Sports injuries.

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